We have to start.

Tell me why you came back.

I asked Price to keep quiet.

I don't remember her name anymore.

Dean wouldn't pay his bills.

Evan is next in line.

Vinod is a member of the committee.

Is that what you think?

Marek is a crypto-fascist.


I won't give up because I have something worth fighting for.


After getting through customs, I was free to go wherever I wanted.

Check it out.

I did it again, didn't I?


My 7th graders are annoying.


I used to try really hard to get straight As.


I saw them all.

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There's half a sandwich in the bag if you're hungry.


We tried to warn Deborah.

I can sing.

Jwahar sometimes has trouble keeping his balance.

Perhaps the surface of Jupiter is like ambiguous slush under dense poisonous gases.

Krzysztof really misses his family.

I have to write an SMS.

He is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

We decorated it.

The sun descended behind the mountains.

Two huge bull elephants duelled for several days to determine which one would father the next generation.

Do you mind my turning on the radio?

The pronoun "hen" is approved in Sweden.

It is a pleasure to watch a baseball game on TV.

But who would want to dance with you?

Toerless pressed the rewind button on the VCR.


He made a speech on behalf of our company.

Do you want this watch mended?

You can see the sun peeking through the clouds.

Charley and Wendy were too tired to work anymore.

I'm going to give you the book.

Margie doesn't like being told when to go to bed.

After years of focus on words, dictionary writers finally turned to sentences.

You should carry out your first plan.

If it had not been for her advice, he would have failed.

Tommy grew up in a small town.

He always ate fruit for dessert.

She is vain about her slender figure.

Though he is clever, he isn't wise.

The doctor visits her every other day.

He arrived here on foot.


I haven't yet met anyone I'd want to spend the rest of my life with.

The sun is shining above our heads.

He has money.

Such treatment would make anybody rebel.

You don't have to be sarcastic.


Have you ever tried to learn another language?

We're one player short.

I've found a better way.


You have to help me escape.

Tricia leaned his head against the window.

From the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain.

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If you have a time, could you translate some sentences below, please?


I have a request to make.

She bought some vegetables yesterday.

It's time for your medicine.

This sentence is in the present perfect. 'have' is not a verb, but an auxiliary verb.

A right angle has ninety degrees.


The answer misses the point.

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I've never actually met Hume.


I heard you.

Do you need the book?

What did you say to Paula?

This was faulty information.

Shamim is going to be late again.

I want the same watch as my sister has.

I'll be away for a while and expect to be back towards the end of next month.

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I'm very, very happy.


He could find her house easily.

Loukas is in a meeting, but Pontus's in her office.

Tigger was upset when Panacea walked out on him.

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I am a member of the tennis club.


What a waste of your lawyer qualifications!

Why not break the door down?

We must keep the law to live happily.

You can believe me.

The fog made driving difficult.

The source of the trouble appeared to be that Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had each played an ace of spades simultaneously.

We enjoyed ourselves to the maximum!

He'll be home a bit before five.

I got to know Hotta when I was in college.


The leaves began to turn red and yellow.

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Is there any chance that you have eaten any of the contaminated food?

He had many political enemies.

Something frightened them.


We don't have any gas left.

What's harder than for a single mother to work 2 jobs and raise 5 kids?

I'm not going to tell you anything.


He would give you the shirt off his back.


What kind of clothes do you usually wear to school?

She's now a figure of the past.

Mohammad was shocked to hear that Alf had gotten into Harvard.

Stay quiet and rest.

We never harmed them.

The data in tables above are not comprehensive.

We have bigger problems to worry about.


Of those on the loud side, some people say they look like they're briskly working, while others say that they're just noisy.

Lynn told Charles she couldn't quit on such short notice.

It's so lame.


You can go to sleep now.

Everything that is not me is incomprehensible.

I don't want to rest.


He believed the merchant entirely.

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I'll bring lunch.

What do you think are the racial traits of the Japanese?

Alex could've had this job if he'd wanted it.

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Who did Sridhar save?

Rand's dependable.

I let my guard down momentarily.

They made up and became friends again.

He can write with both hands.

None were listening to the speaker.

Gil and I go jogging together almost every morning.


We ended up not getting there on time.

You must be joking! I can't find my passport!

I asked Heather to help me get out of trouble.

I resent your cynical remarks.

On sunny days, the beach is very crowded.


He also studies Chinese.

Mick is the only one we can rely on.

I've got a lot on my mind.

He keeps making the same mistake.

He knew it all along.

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We're forgetting something.

I inquired whether the plane would arrive on time.

All the good seats are already taken.

Florian started snoring.

Please give me the number for Mr. Brown.

Aaron was coldly killed by Cathrin.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Alastair's family has been involved in dairy farming for years.

Three big men attacked him and stole his money.

I don't think I'm drunk enough for this.

We're leaving right away.

I wouldn't use a washing machine whose switch isn't completely in order.

According to the fortune teller, I was supposedly a prince in another life.


They agree that they have no choice but to give up the whole plan.

Have you told Frederick why you can't drive a car?

Let's slip away quietly.

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We don't have to starve.

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As soon as their meeting was over, they set to work.

I think Kevin knew Naim.

I think he can get along with his neighbors.

All the villagers know of the accident.

A lot of people are going to tell you that you shouldn't have done that.

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I'm always sneezing.

Stephen asked me to look after Cyrus.

My life's been good.

That's not cool.

It sounds like a great time!


Nicolo is married to Romain's only daughter.


I'd better get to work.

We like it when others' mistakes are pointed out, but not when ours are.

Manuel started the timer.